Sarah Hurwitz Photo 2 High Res


My lack of faith never troubled me. In fact, I sort of carried my atheism as a badge of honor during my formative years in the Dominican Republic – this rebellion against the expectations of a society that was overwhelmingly Catholic in name, if perhaps not in practice. I considered myself guided by science and logic and rationality, backed up by Rousseau and Locke and abstract morality. I did my best to be a good citizen because it was the right thing to do – not because some all-powerful ghost was lording threats over me (don’t even get me started on Santa Claus). But as I’ve grown older, a desire for deeper meaning and connection with others has subtly taken hold of me. It’s a quiet voice in the back of my consciousness, but it’s always there, gently asking “What does this all mean? Why do things happen? How can you make the world a better place?”

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